Mosaic Law Congregation

Mosaic Law Congregation is the vibrant, spiritual home for all members of the Sacramento region seeking a life of Jewish education and support within the framework of Conservative Judaism.

Vision Statement
A thriving, vibrant Conservative Jewish congregation, whose members are invested and engaged in creating a welcoming, participatory synagogue for the betterment of the Jewish community, the greater Sacramento area and the world.

Values Statement

 Mosaic Law Congregation Service Times
Shacharit Minyan:  

7:15am on Monday & Thursday mornings  
8:30am on Federal Holidays
9:00am on Sunday mornings

  Mincha/Ma'ariv Minyan:  

5:45pm on Monday through Thursday

Kabbalat Shabbat:  
6:00pm on Friday
Friday Night Live/Shabbat Under the Stars
7:30pm - 1st Friday of the Month
                (except 4/3/15)
No 6:00pm service on these nights

9:00am on Shabbat 

Shacharit Minyan for Youth: 

9am - 9:30am - Sundays in Sanctuary

Mincha/Ma'ariv Minyan for Youth: 

4pm - 4:30pm - Wednesdays in Chapel

Shabbat Candlelighting & Havdalah Times

Friday May 22 - Candlelighting 7:58pm | Shabbat May 23 - Parashat: Bamidbar (Erev Shavuot); Havdalah 8:57pm

Friday May 29 - Candlelighting 8:04pm | Shabbat May 30 - Parashat: Nasso; Havdalah 9:03pm

Friday, June 5 - Candlelighting 8:08pm | Shabbat June 6 - Parashat: Beha'alotcha; Havdalah 9:07pm

Friday, June 12 - Candlelighting 8:12pm | Shabbat June 13 - Parashat: Sh'lach; Havdalah 9:11pm

Friday, June 19 - Candlelighting 8:15pm | Shabbat June 20 - Parashat: Korach; Havdalah 9:13pm

Friday, June 26 - Candlelighting 8:16pm | Shabbat June 27 - Parashat: chukat; Havdalah 9:14pm



Mosaic Law Congregation

2300 Sierra Boulevard
Sacramento, CA  95825
Phone: 916-488-1122
Fax: 916-488-1165   

Our Affiliation


We are affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the association of conservative congregations in North America.  

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